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Which jewellery boxes work best?

Caskets are used for storing various trinkets, most often jewellery. They are an indispensable attribute of every woman who likes to wear different variations of earrings, rings, chains and bracelets. Thanks to the use of a jewellery box, each of the aforementioned items has its designated place - they do not get lost and can be reached for freely. It is worth mentioning that caskets and jewellery boxes are also a decorative accent that will match the image of the interior.

Metal, plastic, wooden - see which jewellery boxes to choose

Ladies wishing to store their jewellery in jewellery trunks have a choice of different variants of these products. The most frequently chosen are wooden trunks, distinguished by their exceptional durability and elegant appearance. Ladies often also reach for trunks made of synthetic materials, which are light and handy. Attention should also be paid to elaborately decorated metal trunks, which are quite heavy, but provide a unique setting for the interior, bringing a glamour touch to it.

Cosmetics trunks - a must for make-up artists

Make-up artists who travel to clients' homes like to use cosmetics cases. Their make-up trunks are generously sized and have a fold-out function, so that they store all the necessary items that make-up artists can reach for easily. Such cosmetic trunks will store the foundations, mascaras or shadows needed at work.

With nail varnish trunks, all nail polish preparations are stored in an orderly manner.

Ladies who like to decorate their nails are often on the lookout for a good polish trunk. What sets them apart is the interior, namely the openings for storing nail polishes, so that each nail polish has its own place and can be conveniently transported by car.

Children's cosmetics trunks store all the essentials for children

Parents with children certainly know how many cosmetics have to be used for their skin care and daily hygiene. This is where children's cosmetics chests come in, containing lotions or body oils, washing gels and shampoos, as well as small hygiene items. They often have children's motifs - for example, trunks for girls have pink colours, together with images of princesses.

Caskets with lids and drawers - the most popular attribute for storing jewellery

Most ladies mainly go for caskets with a lid, where bracelets or chains can be hung on the inside. Many are also equipped with drawers for rings, earrings or watches. Most are wooden caskets that will last a very long time.

Cosmetics trunks are the perfect gift option for a loved one.

A cosmetics chest is a sensational gift option to give to your mother, sister or grandmother. Once they have been used, the cosmetics caskets can be used to store other newly purchased hygiene items and cosmetics.

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