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Candles - because beautiful moments need a special setting

Candles are the most popular home decoration of choice: they make it easy to complement your interiors with accessories that match your home's style. Which candles will look best in your four corners and how do you burn them so that they stay with you for longer? We suggest.

Candles evoke only positive emotions. No wonder, they usually accompany special moments: their diffused, flickering light creates a unique atmosphere, allows you to relax, forget the stresses of the day and unwind. In our shop you will find high-quality candles for the home: traditional wax candles, natural-looking decorative candles, modern led candles and slow-life vegan soy candles. Which one will you choose for yourself?

Decorative candles - create unique interiors

Decorative candlesare a great way of warming up the atmosphere of your home and giving it a special flair - regardless of the style of your home, they fit in with any interior. Depending on the style of the room, choose decorative candles in designer packages - such as the marbled Cristie candles in bottle green with an additional diffuser, which fit perfectly into modern, art deco or, for example, glamour style. On the other hand, in minimalist, loft or Scandinavian interiors go for simple candle forms - compositions of candle cones of the same thickness but different heights will look beautiful. Be sure to use soft, muted colours. If you are planning an elegant dinner and want to decorate the table with candlelight, choose decorative candles placed, for example, in tall glass candle holders. They will look very impressive.

Scented candles - slow-life relaxation

Buying candles for your home is a great investment - also for your well-being. Relaxing in their glow is the perfect time to slow down. After a long day at work, university or school, a candle and its warm light will help you to calm down, organize your thoughts and recharge your batteries in the comfort of your own home. Which candles to choose for your home? Scented candles for aromatherapy are an interesting idea - placed in the bathroom, on the bathtub and shelves, they allow you to conjure up a private home spa in just a few moments. Candles in glass are ideal for this purpose - for example the soy candles "We love candles" from the minimalist "Basic" collection. They are distinguished by their simple glass form, wooden accessories and luscious, extremely fresh fragrances - which will stay in your memory for a long time.

How do you burn candles? A few simple rules

Did you know that there is a minimum burning time for candles? We should wait until all the wax has melted evenly, creating a so-called pool. By burning the candles for only a short time, there is a risk of tunnels forming in the wax - which shortens the life of the candle. In addition, the way in which the candles are extinguished is not insignificant - ideally, this should be done with a special extinguisher. Standard blowing out may cause the wick to break and the wax to become dirty. If you do not have a candle extinguisher, try to extinguish the candles by blowing very gently. Alternatively, close the lid of the candle and simply "smother" the flame. And that's not the end of it - before using the candle again, get rid of the burnt part of the wick - preferably by gently cutting it off.

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