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Elegant jugs ideal for serving drinks

We reach for drinks many times during the day. This is why it is good for them to be served in the most convenient way possible - in a jug that fits the bill. Whatever your thirst quencher, you will find, among other things, the jugs and many other products you need in our shop. Impressive models of unusual design will become a real decoration of the kitchen countertop, serving at the same time great utility. Often, the chosen dishes can be combined with the rest of the range to create unparalleled sets. All the jugs have, of course, been created with a huge focus on detail, so you won't find two identical versions - each is unique. Once you have decided what you are currently looking for, you can rest assured that you will find just the thing in the range available on the website. The juice jug is an example of what we reach for most in the summer, but you will also find other variants among the range. An extremely ornate version, for example, is the Elise Clear jug by Affek Design by MONDEX. With a capacity of one litre, this charming vessel will serve you faithfully for many years.

Modern tea pot - welcome your loved ones with style

Serving your guests a hot beverage in a novelty tea pot is the perfect way to welcome them to your home. If you are looking for an original model with a touch of the traditional, you should definitely take a look at our offer. A wide selection of tea pots is a guarantee that you will find a model to meet all your requirements. The esteemed manufacturer - Affek Design - offers, among others, a jug from the Mirella Gold collection. Its simple form has been broken with a gold stripe, which adds to its character. Also noteworthy is the handle, which has been created in a fine shape. The vessel holds nine hundred millilitres of beverage, which of course can be considered an advantage. The combination of elegant shades of white and yellow gold is sure to catch the attention of anyone you propose to enjoy tea together. What's more, this teapot can confidently be described as minimalist, which definitely contributes to its versatility in terms of design. This striking vessel is packaged in a decorative box, so it is ideal as a gift for a loved one.

Classic jug - something for vintage style lovers

Theretro vibe has been particularly popular recently and this is the perfect opportunity to get yourself a vintage jug. Many of the models available in the shop's assortment correspond to such expectations. Of course, you can opt for a simple glass jug, but this is not the only option. The range is so extensive that, in addition to water j ugs, you can also find variants created with hot drinks in mind. If the other crockery in your home harkens back to old fashion, the retro characteristics will work best for you. The beige ceramic jug from the M collection will fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the past decades. Its great advantages are that it is dishwasher and microwave safe. You can pour up to six hundred and fifty millilitres into the vessel - so it is an excellent choice for everyday use. Like every other model available in the jug shop, this particular one is the epitome of precision craftsmanship and tremendous quality worthy of recognition. The best proof of the manufacturer's professionalism is the ever-growing number of satisfied customers.

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