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The unique history of the creation of porcelain cups

Porcelain cups have a very long and interesting history of origin. Their origins go back more than 1,300 years. The creators of these porcelain masterpieces were the Chinese. In China, porcelain cups were considered a symbol of luxury and wealth. Their value was very high and only a few could own them. They were also considered to have medicinal properties. It is also worth noting that the firing and creation of unique porcelain cups takes place at very high temperatures, up to 1,500 degrees. Glazing also takes place during this process. The teacups, not only because of their extraordinary history and craftsmanship, but also because of their unique forms and decoration, are constantly recognised as extremely elegant and extravagant. They also make a very original decoration in the home, and are also ideal as a stylish and sophisticated gift idea.

An extremely tasteful and luxurious gift idea - the teacup

Unusual coffee or tea cups are the right gift for every time and occasion. It willnever get boring and will always be functional. A professional anniversary? Farewell to a colleague at work? A gift for the boss? A name day? These and many other occasions will be met by a coffee or tea cup in trendy style and design. In addition, made of high-quality porcelain, in trendy colours and elegantly packed in a box, it is the perfect gift idea. A coffee cup has always been synonymous with extravagance and dignity, often a small work of art that catches the eye and has an unusual historical origin.

Fashionable design - coffee cups and tea mugs

Cupsfor black coffee, espresso, cups for milk coffee: cappuccino or latte, as well as cups for tea..... every fan of this beverage will find something ideal for themselves, especially as the design is extensive. There are cups with traditional shapes, but enriched with trendy colours, e.g.: subtle roses, crazy trendy greys and other delicate and subdued colours. Nowadays, we recommend going a step further and going wild with the design of the coffee/tea cup. For the traditionalist: single-colour cups with a universal shape, for the modern person: a cup with black and white and graphic patterns (e.g. stripes, check, pepito, Moroccan design, etc.) or a cubist form, and for the glamourist: coffee cups enriched with e.g.: gilding.

- Which latte art cup?

Coffee or tea time - elegant and exquisite at work and at home

Nothing improves the mood at work like having coffee time in an original coffee cup. Make sure your cup does not go unnoticed on your desk top. We recommend an interesting cup in a cubist shape, its form resembling a polished diamond. For this coffee cup, a large saucer is included, which will hold not only the cup, but also a cookie or other sweet. The real "dot over the i", and the perfect complement to the coffee tableware, will be a golden, subtle teaspoon to stir the delicious coffee froth or the sweetness of the coffee sugar. Such a set is a real extravagance and professionalism. If a cup of coffee or tea is not enough for you, then go for the 220 ml coffee cup, also with saucer and slender spoon included. Also new are the unconventional pastel colours: dirty pink, turquoise, mint.... tempt with a spring accent. For more traditionalists, we recommend the colours of deep navy blue, black, white or beige.

A coffee cup can be a treasured keepsake

A porcelain coffee cup can become a treasured keepsake for a loved one. Delightful designs, solid workmanship and a reference to the centuries-old tradition of serving hot beverages combined with memories of important events make a perfect combination. Every cup on offer is characterised by these qualities. Both minimalists and lovers of extravagance will find a model that best meets their requirements. A coffee cup is a permanent fixture in the kitchen, so choose a variant that will make you smile.

A cup that will delight you

You use the cup from which you sip your favourite coffee every day. That's why you should go for a model that will make you smile. A stylish and functional coffee cup is a real essential for your tableware. The one you decide on can be richly decorated or, on the contrary, modest. The important thing is that you feel satisfied slowly sipping coffee from your new cup.

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