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The wall clock - an accessory treasured for centuries

The wall clock has adorned the walls of our homes for centuries. Although their form is constantly being modernised, the purpose of their use remains the same. A stylish and striking wall clock is an excellent option for organised people and, just as importantly, for those who wish to foster this quality in themselves. Over the years, timepieces have taken various forms. However, it is the wall clock that enjoys an enduring reputation that allows us to find it in many homes.

A wall clock - choose the one that suits you best

A wall clock can completely suit your tastes. There are many models available - those that are modern and those that are more classic. This makes it easy for everyone to choose the right wall clock. A round dial and clear numerals - Roman or Arabic - are the true classics we are used to. Check out our suggestions and find the perfect wall clock that will serve you for years to come, helping you to be more organised.

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Kitchen, living room and dining room clocks - match the character of your interior.

Clocks are more than just accessories. The reason? They are simply indispensable in the home: decorative, atmospheric and time-sensitive. They give our home a unique style and make us more organised - while spending great moments with family and friends. Clocks: traditional, contemporary, designer - what style to choose, where to hang them and does the size of the dial always matter?

Clocks are at the forefront of the most designer additions to the home and flat. This is a unique selling point - but not the only reason why they have adorned the walls of our living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens for hundreds of years. Although modern wall clocks are highly decorative gadgets made from a variety of materials, they are also extremely functional - after all, all it takes is a glance to immediately know what time it is. It is thanks to them that we have a chance to be punctual and not be late for any important meeting. Find out what to consider when choosing a wall clock and where is the best place to hang it in your home?

Living room clock - where to mount it?

Clocks are good to have in sight - and it is at this height that interior designers advise mounting a wall clock. This is a very practical solution - if we want to check what time it is, we want to know straight away, rather than having to look around to find the clock. Before screwing in the pegs, think carefully about where to mount it. The clock doesn't have to hang perfectly in the middle of the sofa or table - moreover, it will look better if you place it slightly to the left or right - indicating wryly that passing time is not the most important issue in the house.

The size of the dial - choose the perfect clock

Large wall clocks are ideal for rooms with a larger footprint, while smaller watches fit best into the atmosphere of cosy, intimate interiors. This is the most important rule we should follow when choosing this type of accessory. Imagine a huge clock hanging in a small bedroom or a minimalist, very small clock on the wall of a spacious living room with a dining room and kitchenette in one - surely in both cases the effect would be comical.

Retro or modern? The best wall clock for your home

Contemporary clocks are unique ornaments for any room - made of wood, metal, glass or plastic, they combine interesting design with original design. The modern wall clock is often also distinguished by an original shape - as in the case of the original Clara model available in our shop, whose round, golden dial is surrounded by irregular rays. This is a great choice for contemporary living - in art deco, romantic, modern or even minimalist style. Which wall clock should you choose for classic rooms? Retro! It will best emphasise the unique character of a place like the "Old Town Clock" with Roman numerals on the dial.

Wall clocks. The list of advantages of having a wall clock is very long. First of all, we can consciously manage our time, which will surely make our relations with family and friends even better - we will stop running in breathless to our mother-in-law's birthday party or friends' barbecue. And finally - clocks add a unique character to interiors, playing out the characteristic "tick, tick, tick", making rooms simply have a "soul".

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