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Furniture consoles - great functionality and their variety of uses

A console as a piece of furniture is nothing more than a relatively narrow and high table like a desk or chest of drawers, a table with a top and legs, customarily in a rectangular form, made of a variety of materials, usually a combination of two. It seems that consoles are an additional piece of furniture, more ornamental and decorative. Nothing could be further from the truth, as a furniture console is an essential element in a well-thought-out and perfectly designed interior. We can distinguish between

- consoles for the living room - in this room they have a function, for example: an extension of a windowsill for a collection of flowers, a place for family memories: photo frames, family memorabilia, or as a corner for working with a laptop - when we do not have a separate study;

- hallway consoles - here the functionality is really significant. The problem often arises: where to put your keys, dog leash, handbag, briefcase etc.? The console in the hallway is the answer to this question. In addition, due to its small size (the depth dimension is approx. 40 cm) it is functional even in narrow hallway spaces. It also plays a decorative role - you can enrich the hallway with a flower in a pot, a vase, a photo frame, a casket, a clock, a standing lamp, etc.

- Consoles for the bedroom/office - in the bedroom a console perfectly fulfils the function of a dressing table, while in the office it is a perfect place for a laptop and a work corner.

Types of furniture consoles. How do you choose a console to match your interior style?

Furniture consoles offer a wide range of choices. A small piece of furniture, but definitely many variations with the furniture console in interior design. The first category of division is the type of construction material:

- wooden consoles - solid wood painted or in its natural form - birch, beech, mahogany, etc. In this version, consoles are usually classic, sometimes delicately carved with fancily cut legs and drawers extending under the top. Wooden consoles are also often a vintage, retro style.

- Wooden consoles covered in schlagmetal, i.e. thin leaves of metal - a real hit in glamour style, for chateau-style interiors. A console covered entirely in gold, copper or silver will delight every supporter of interiors on a scale of royal chambers.

- metal-wood consoles - a combination of two materials, warm wood and cool metal. These are consoles with a very simple and minimalist design, black powdered metal legs plus a thick piece of wooden rectangular top.

- Glass and metal consoles - ideal for modern or Scandinavian interiors - more on this below.

Loft, industrial, minimalist and modern furniture consoles - perfect in their simplicity.

A furniture console for the ultra-trendy modern or industrial style? A piece of furniture that will work in both styles is, for example: the beautiful rectangular SOREN console by MONDEX made of high-quality chrome-plated steel with a tempered glass top. It is a stable, sturdy and strong construction with minimalist lines that give it elegance. The silver steel legs remain crossed and the two glass surfaces: the console top and base, make the console look exceedingly interesting in its symmetry. In addition, it gives the impression of being light, delicate and, thanks to this transparent coating, does not optically restrict the small size of the interior.