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Decorative mirrors to completely change the character of a room

Mirrorsin the living room add an original touch to the space. The ornate and at the same time sturdy frames function as an original decoration in themselves. A mirror on a string is a modern variation on the classic way of hanging mirrors. For example, the Cedric model by Mondex, hanging on a striking chain, is both minimalist and highly distinctive. Wall mirrors of this type catch the eye of our visitors even if their overall design is strongly minimalist. When choosing a frame for a mirror, it is advisable to be guided by the overall design of the room in which it will take its place. For example, if the chandelier hanging from the ceiling has a silver surround, a frame in this colour would be a good choice - a simple touch that adds a sense of coherence and elegance to the room. A circular mirror can also replace a picture hanging on the wall. In the case of white walls in the living room and velour grey sofas, a minimalist mirror framed in gold will add an intriguing touch to the overall interior design. Minimalists will certainly appreciate this classic way of decorating a room.

- Which wall mirror for a hallway should I choose?

A metal-framed mirror can be the focal point of a room

A mirrorhanging on the wall in any room can be its main decoration. A beautifully crafted, sturdy frame will add character to a raw-finished industrial-style interior. Brick walls, a black steel bed, a glass table on legs in a charcoal shade and a minimalist mirror in a metal frame will create a coherent and intriguing whole. Of course, the mirror doesn't just have to hang on the wall. A door mirror is the perfect solution for use in smaller flats or rooms. A delightful design features the Alexia mirror in a golden frame reminiscent of freshly bloomed flower petals. This version of the smooth panel will work in many rooms adding lightness to the room. Such a tastefully framed mirror will certainly draw the eye to the place where it hangs. At the same time, it is not worth forgetting the practical aspect of mirrors - they are extremely useful when we want to inspect our own appearance. This aspect makes a great place to hang them in the corridor, which we follow when approaching the exit.

A make-up mirror - every woman's essentials

Every woman loves careful and impressive make-up. That is why she needs the right mirror to hang above her dressing table. Such a mirror should be large enough so that she can easily see herself in it. A great option to place in the make-up corner are mirrors with lighting, which are an extremely practical option. A round wall mirror framed in a decorative silver-coloured frame will appeal to any lady, so it will work wonderfully over a dressing table. With a mirror large enough, morning make-up will become much quicker. When decorating a bedroom or any other room, it is worth taking care of every detail that contributes to the overall look of the room. Contrary to what you might think, a standing mirror that you place in a corner of the room can also be important, so it's a good idea for it to look extremely chic. A quick check of one's appearance before leaving the house is a constant activity performed by both men and women, which shows how important mirrors are in our environment. The extensive range will allow us to fully customise them to our personal preferences.

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