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Grinders - champions of slow life - which one to choose for your kitchen?

Coffee, pepper and salt grinders are becoming increasingly popular. It's hardly surprising - freshly ground beans smell of everything! Once you pick up a grinder and start cooking - get ready for a real revolution: the aroma of coffee will waft throughout the house and the flavour of food will become even more intense.

Hand grinder, bean grinder, electric grinder - what should I consider when choosing a grinder?

Grinders are kitchen accessories that make it easy to grind coffee beans and spices and extract their unique aroma. Grinders make kitchen flavours and aromas more intense. It's like looking at the world from behind a tinted glass and suddenly opening the window to take a closer look. Today, kitchen grinders are invaluable helpers, thanks to which we can enjoy the extraordinary aroma and taste of freshly ground pepper, sea salt, Himalayan salt and coffee beans, among other things, on an ongoing basis.

Coffee grinder - a gadget with a rich history

Coffee grinders have a large family. The most famous and oldest of the family is the hand grinder - many of us remember it well from our grandmother's kitchen, and its great-grandfather dates back to the 1400s and originated in Turkey. Less than 200 years later, the mill found its way to France, where it became a popular choice for coffee made from freshly ground beans. It took a long time to figure out how to make the ritual of brewing this delicious beverage even simpler - until finally, in 1897, the little brother of the hand grinder - the electric grinder we know so well - was created.

Aroma and flavour that you don't forget - choosing a coffee grinder

Thecoffee grinder is a gadget that coffee lovers can no longer imagine a morning without. The reason? The coffee beans hide essential oils that, once ground, evaporate in just fifteen minutes. For this reason, the most intense aroma will come from freshly prepared coffee - from beans that have been ground by hand. That being said, which coffee grinder is best? We divide coffee grinders into manual and electric. Manual grinders are considerably cheaper, small in size and often feature an interesting design - such as the Mondex glass coffee grinder with a robust ceramic mechanism, which is decorated with a fashionable flamingo motif. The coffee it grinds will surprise you with its qualities - try it and you will reach for more.

Salt and pepper mill - a taste that your family will appreciate

Thesalt and pepper grinders are perfect proof that it is sometimes worthwhile to slow down - and instead of buying ready-made products, according to the idea of slow life - it is good to make something yourself. Packaged spices in bags, unfortunately, will never have the same intense aroma and flavour as their grainy counterparts. Choose your favourite grinder - for example the Ben hand grinder by Cookini, available at Mondex. It features ceramic querns that will effectively grind your favourite spices without heating up - try it and see how much fun it is to work with such helpers. Certainly, the salt and pepper grinder will stay in your home for a long time.

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