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Seating poufs can complement any room

poufsare extremely practical seats. Their small size allows them to be easily placed anywhere in the house. When you don't need them, you can set them up in a chosen part of the room, while whenever you have guests visiting, you can offer them a comfortable stool. What's more, you can also decide to choose poufs for the bathroom. They will certainly add a bit more interest to this part of the flat. A pouffe for the bathroom can prove useful in many different situations. However, the primary place where soft seating is located is the main room in the house. A pouffe for the living room should harmonise with the rest of the décor, creating an integral whole. One suggestion is the Emily model by Mondex made of soft velvet fabric. Its light colour will perfectly complete many interiors - whether painted white or grey. Uniform poufs for the living room are also a great suggestion for rooms with decorative wallpaper, so we recommend checking out the website's range.

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Which pouffe for the hallway?

When decorating a flat, it is worth considering every part of it. A pouffe for the hallway is one of the possibilities arising during interior decoration. Such a seat should be practical and stylish, but also - not take up too much space. Therefore, it is worth considering what you actually want. When the need arises for a comfortable seat, it is good to have a comfortable pouffe on hand, which you can also move to another room at any time. The Casimir variant by Mondex in an elegant shade of blue is perfect for this role. The form of a cylinder upholstered with velvet fabric has been placed in a metal rim, which makes the seat stand out from the others. Such a pouffe located in the hallway will certainly add variety to the interior of your home. It is worth noting that sometimes one small element in the form of a soft stool is all it takes to make a big difference to the décor of an occupied dwelling.

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What to look out for when choosing seating pouffes?

The ideal seating pouffe - no matter in which room you place it - should fulfil two qualities above all - it should be comfortable and it should complete the interior perfectly. Therefore, it is worth giving seating in this style a fair amount of attention. Of course, the simplest option is to choose them by looking at the colour scheme of the room. However, this is not the only distinguishing feature of the available poufs. The proposed stools have different dimensions, as well as details - quilting, metal inserts. Looking at them closely, you can see that each suggestion is in some way special and unique. A pouffe for the living room such as the Enzo model by Mondex will undoubtedly satisfy the needs of all household members. Its optimum height of thirty-nine centimetres allows you to sit comfortably at the coffee table. In addition, the grey colour is extremely universal. The range of poufs available on the website has been compiled so that you can easily find your ideal.