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Lanterns for the living room or bedroom - how to decorate rooms stylishly and tastefully?

Suitably selected lanterns are an unusual and very original idea to give a unique character to a room. It is a perfect way to diversify and even change the interior, which can be done with little effort, at the same time being sure that the arrangement will be successful. Just buy a few lanterns and your surroundings will take on a new look. It is best to place the lanterns on a window sill, large ones on the floor, as well as on a chest of drawers, a shelf or a dressing table. We can choose traditional lanterns to break up the minimalism of a modern interior, or choose ones with a loft or very modern feel. These are usually made of metal, chrome or glass. Copper-coloured lanterns are also very fashionable at the moment, combining tradition with modernity. Lanterns not only add a unique charm to your home, but also create a warm, cosy atmosphere.

How to create an atmospheric corner around the house - decorative lanterns ideal for the terrace, balcony or garden

How do you make your garden or terrace more attractive? Terrace lanterns are a quick and undemanding way to create a charming outdoor arrangement. Wooden lanterns blend in perfectly with the plants. A snow-white wood lantern with glass shutters plus the intense, deep green of flowers or garden plants will create a downright magical effect. For those who prefer a more minimalist and ascetic decoration in its expression, we offer metal lanterns, chrome-plated. In addition, black and matt lanterns made of a tangle of curved metal tubes also look brilliant and very cubist and modern.

Led lanterns - the way to a beautiful decoration for wedding halls, restaurants and cafés

Use led lanterns as the main decoration for your wedding hall, for example. Whether it's a wedding, communion, anniversary or other grand celebration. Lanterns offer great design possibilities and a wide variety of choices. And to top it all off, an original source of light. Regardless of whether you choose LED lanterns or real candle lanterns, all of them create a unique effect that makes your surroundings more atmospheric, warm and romantic. It will simply be beautiful. You can combine lanterns, decorative lanterns, playing with their size: height, overall dimensions. For example, lanterns arranged on the floor, alternating large and smaller ones or in small islands, clusters, also of different heights, will look extremely magical. On wedding tables, on the other hand, a lantern made from a jar or decorative bottle can be used. A subtle glass lantern for tealights or a slender glass bottle filled with delicate led lights, sealed under a charming cork. Lanterns - bottles or jars are available in pastel colours, which further adds to their bridal, romantic and lovey-dovey charm. The light of a lantern will add a sophisticated style to a room and raise the profile of any event being celebrated, while making it memorable.

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