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Kitchen knives - what to look for when choosing them?

Kitchen knives are an essential tool for work and activity in the kitchen. If you were to ask a master chef or a chef in a good restaurant about the importance and essence of having a good set of knives, you would certainly get confirmation that without properly chosen knives, cooking is not possible. Are you now wondering how to choose the most suitable ones that will serve you for many years?When choosing kitchen knives, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • the hardness of the knife blade - the higher the better by far. Let their hardness be at least 50 HTC;
  • the sharpness of the blade - enough for effortless cutting and chopping;
  • construction material - perhaps the best are kitchen forged stainless steel, designation 18/10;
  • handle - well shaped, non-slip, fits the user's hand perfectly,
  • excellent balance of the knife - holding it in the hand from the left we are able to assess this even amateurishly;
  • the manufacturer of the knives - it is worth assessing whether it is a brand with a long tradition in their production;
  • the type and purpose of the knives - their functionality and intended use.

What types of kitchen knives are worth having in your own kitchen?

In terms of kitchen knives by purpose, it is worth noting that every well-equipped kitchen should have a set of knives as well as dinner knives.

Aboveall, there is the so-called chef's knife, the most versatile and basic knife, which is used for many tasks in the kitchen. Another knife worth mentioning is the bread knife, with a serrated blade. It should allow us to handle even the crispest crust of bread efficiently. The next must-have kitchen knife is a meat knife, i.e. a poultry knife, chicken knife or beef knife. It is long and with a narrow blade. On the other hand, a knife that resembles a smaller version of the chef's knife is the vegetable knife, also key in the kitchen space. And let's not forget the fish filleting knife, which is indispensable in this activity.

A good knife sharpener must not be missing from the kitchen either, in order to keep the knives permanently sharp.

Set of dinner knives, kitchen knives in a stand - as gift ideas for loved ones

Due to their elegance and chicness and practicality at the same time, they can be the perfect gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, anniversaries or especially for a housewarming party. Choose those with classic lines, characterised by elegant simplicity and matching any tableware. Of course, the quality of stainless steel is key here. Once again, I remind you of the 18/10 designation for the quality of the steel. This means that there is 18% steel and 10% nickel in the steel. This ensures that the knives have anti-corrosive properties, a bright colour and shine for a long time. It is also worth choosing knives - cutlery- that are dishwasher-safe.

It is not uncommon for sets of kitchen k nives to be sold with a container or stand for them. This is a great gadget.

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