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Dress your bed with the best bedding from Mondex - give yourself the gift of good dreams alone

Solid bedding is a priceless investment for a quality, long sleep. It's not without reason that our grandmothers used to say - as you make your bed, so you sleep. Today, we would add another phrase to this phrase - a good night's sleep usually means an equally good day. Therefore, if you want to get up in the morning relaxed, revitalised and full of energy, simply start by choosing the best bedding.

Bedding matters. That's why, before choosing new bed linen, it's important to pay attention not only to its size and design, but also to other extremely important aspects: the type and thickness of the fabric it is made of, the quality of the material and the colour. The reason? All these affect the condition of our sleep. We present exceptional bedding from Mondex's extensive collection.

Choosing bedding for the bedroom - what to look out for?

The best bedding is the one made of natural fabrics - it can be cotton, satin or flannel. Such bedding not only gives you the opportunity to cover yourself while sleeping, it also makes you feel safer and more comfortable - in addition, it has a positive effect on regulating your body temperature while you sleep.

Good bedding should be breathable - to allow the body to take a deep breath. This is the best way to fully recover - we will only get up in the morning rested if we provide ourselves with the ideal conditions for rest. As a result, we will be more efficient at work, relaxed, and our relationships with loved ones and friends will also be better. The basis of our better well-being is therefore a good night's sleep.

Satin bedding ideal for summer, flannel a good option for winter

Does the time of year matter when choosing new bedding? Definitely yes. In summer, go for thinner, "cooling" fabrics - like satin. In autumn and winter, on the other hand, opt for warmer cotton or flannel bedding - which will keep you warm when the mercury drops significantly.

The colour and pattern of the bedding is also important. Light, pastel colours have a relaxing and calming effect, such as the beautiful white and grey Elina set or the dreamcatcher-decorated Merina - in such bedding it is certainly easier to relax after a long, tiring day. Is it better to choose floral or checkered bed linen? Choose the pattern you like best from Mondex's extensive collection - a checkered pattern is sure to fit beautifully into the autumn and winter landscape, while colourful poppies, roses or butterflies are a great option for spring and summer.

How do I choose the right size of bedding?

Is there a rule of thumb for how to size your bedding to match the size of your duvet? It's very simple - their dimensions should simply be the same, which means that a 160x200 bedding or a 200x220 bedding corresponds to a duvet of the same size. On the other hand, always match the size of the duvet to the size of the bed - for example a popular 160x200 duvet will fit a 80x200, 90x200, 100x200, 120x200 and 140x200 bed.

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