Which mixing bowl?

In most homes, the preparation of sweet snacks is an essential part of everyday life. It is then essential to use a good mixing bowl in which to prepare the batter for pancakes, sponge cake, muffins or for whipping cream. The choice of such a bowl should take into account, above all:

  • The type of material used - in this respect, the best bowls are those made of stainless steel and plastic,which canwithstand being mixed by metal mixers at considerable speeds.
  • The walls of the mixing bowl should be quite thick so that they are not damaged when the ingredients are combined.
  • An extremely important purchase consideration is the size of such items. Good mixing bowls should have a volume of more than 2-3 litres, as this will allow all ingredients to be combined comfortably. This is also important because of certain ingredients that increase in volume. This is the case with cream, which doubles in volume during whipping. This minimises the risk of the ingredients spilling out of the bowl.

How do I mix properly in a bowl?

Mixing in a bowl is not difficult, but it is worth using a few practical tips that will certainly improve the cooking and baking processes:

  • All ingredients should be measured in equal quantities, plus they should be at room temperature. This applies especially to butter, which, when hard, is unsuitable for mixing, as portions will screw into the mixer and lumps will appear in the dough.
  • We can mix the sandy ingredients, for example flour, sugar, baking powder, with a mixer, but on the lowest speed, then the ingredients will not start to spill on the countertop and walls.
  • Thicker mixtures should be mixed on a higher speed, as the stirrers then have much more resistance to overcome.
  • Care should be taken when whipping cream. It is best to whip it on low speed at first and gradually increase the power until it becomes stiffer and stiffer. However, be sure to catch the whipping stage of the cream well, as butter can form when whipped more.
  • When making custards, in most cases the butter and sugar are creamed first - then gradually add the mixture of your choice, such as pudding, to the bowl so that it all comes together well into a smooth paste.
  • When mixing in the bowl, it's a good idea to cover it with a cloth so that the ingredients don't get dirty all around.

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