What do I use to clean my furniture so there are no streaks?

Frequent cleaning of furniture keeps it looking great and in good condition for a long time. However, many people have problems with streaks on their surfaces - how can this be solved?

Professional cleaning products, such as the Pronto products available in our online shop (please always check the current availability of the products, as the offer is subject to change), are extremely useful. These products are suitable for all types of surfaces and can cope with dust or greasy stains, as we have to deal with, for example, in the kitchen. All you have to do is turn the dispenser to "ON", press the spray and spray it on the surface in question and wipe it off with a cloth. These products are safe to use, do not damage the furniture and also leave a pleasant fragrance. It is worth using themespecially whenwe have high-gloss finished furniture or struggle with stubborn stains.

Household products for streak-free furniture cleaning

To clean your furniture, it is also worth using products youfind at home, for which washing up liquid is perfect. It is best to dilute it with warm water at a ratio of 1:10. If you add too much detergent, this can result in streaks on the surface.

It is essential to start cleaning - from top to bottom. For example, in the living room, the shelves should be cleaned first, followed by the table and then the TV cabinet. In this way, we avoid transferring dirt to the already cleaned surfaces. It is extremely important to use soft cloths for cleaning, preferably microfibre cloths that do not damage the top layer. We wipe the furniture thoroughly, taking care not to leave too much water on the surface. We can also additionally wipe the whole thing dry, which, especially in the case of lacquered furniture, works perfectly - they have a high gloss without visible streaks.

Regularity is important

In order to avoid unsightly streaks, it is necessary to clean the surfaces regularly, which makes it much easier to keep things tidy and the furniture in good condition. In addition, it is a good idea to find out how to clean a particular type of furniture. Manufacturers include this information on the packaging of individual pieces of furniture. This is particularly important in view of the fact that laminates or wood are used in the production of such articles, which require different treatment. However, specialists agree that alcohol- and ammonia-based preparations should not be used, as they can lead to permanent damage and discolouration of the surface.

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