How do you make a Christmas reed in a pot at home?

To make a Christmas reed in a pot at home, you only need a few

accessories that you arrange into a single decorative composition. This type of decoration can not only be cheap, but also simple to make. At the same time, it will be aesthetically pleasing, striking and unique because you will prepare it with your own hands. First of all, you will need a flower pot to make the ornament. It can be decorated or as simple as possible. In fact, you can use any model you have at home. You also need Christmas tree branches - it's up to you whether you choose natural or artificial. Remember that the latter will stay with you for several years. You should also get baubles and other decorations to hang on your Christmas tree. We recommend filling the pot itself with soil or a florist's sponge.

What do you need to make a Christmas decorations in a pot?

What you use to make a Christmas reed in a pot is up to you. At your discretion, you can decorate the Christmas tree branches stuck inside with baubles, chains or lights. You can also spray them with glitter or artificial snow. In our range you will find a flowerpot that will form the base - the NEVA model measuring 18 cm x 20.8 cm. It's a suggestion on a stand that will make the reed even more attractive. The white colour you will find with us goes well with the golden elements. We also recommend the MOA 69 cm decorative branch with green petals. You can complete the decoration with a 68 cm 3AS glitter sprig. TheChristmas decorations must include baubles. Our suggestion falls on a set of six in silver with a diameter of 8 cm. If you wish, you can add Christmas tree lights. Your imagination will undoubtedly come in handy when putting together your Christmas decorations in a pot.

It's worth reaching for the candles

Another suggestion on how to make a Christmas decor in a pot at home is to reach for candles. It is important that they extend over the edge of the container in which you arrange them. Therefore, it's a good idea to poke a few holes in each candle and insert the plastic sticks you use to support your potted plants. It is a good idea to stick conifer branches around - again, either live or artificial. These in turn can be decorated with baubles, pendants or glitter, as in the previous version of the Christmas decorations in a pot. Decorating the pot itself with ribbons, for example, will also work well. Be sure to arrange the decorations in the centrepiece so that there is no gap between them through which the florist sponge or soil can show through. This will make the effect much more aesthetically pleasing.

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